Accounts Receivable Factoring: California

If you have outstanding invoices that you can't seem to wait 30, 60, or even 90 days to get paid, then we have a solution for you. Here's how it works:

Step One: Prepare and mail your invoice to your customer as usual. Forward a copy to RBP, Inc. for processing

Step Two: RBP, Inc. verifies the invoice will be paid, then immediately pays you 80% of the invoice amount - right to your bank account

Step Three: Your customer pays RBP, Inc. - when that happens, we return the remaining 20% of the invoice money right to your bank, minus our fee.

Factoring Philosophy

Contrary to many common forms of Factoring, Resource Business Partners employs a unique perspective on the traditional factoring relationship. We completely understand that there are likely to be multiple reasons why a company would seek accounts receivable assistance. The most common problems that lead to factoring are:

  • 1) Your customers are starting to stretch their payments to you (because they too lack cash flow)

  • 2) you are seeing profit fade in your products or services

  • 3) Lower volume of sales plus your fixed expenses remaining flat can result in cash flow crunches

  • 4) Increased operating costs as your suppliers try to solve their own cash flow problems on your dime

  • 5) Too much debt, and inbound money is too slow to keep up with the payments

  • 6) Poor bookkeeping methods

  • 7) Reliance on a bookkeeper or accounting clerk to perform Controller or CFO functions

Resource Business Partners Factoring Philosophy is this: We can help speed cash to your business so you can take advantage of early pay discounts from your vendors. We understand that getting money in the door more quickly doesn't solve all the structural issues that got your cash flow to suffer in the first place. We put you in contact with a whole host of experts who can individually address each of the causes of the cash flow problems. We keep the money coming in for you to give you some breathing room so that you can work with your people or our people to address the underlying structural problems leading to factoring in the first place. We will personally introduce you to our banking industry contacts once you are healthy enough for a line of credit. We will consider it a success if you leave our factoring relationship in favor of a traditional banking relationship. We will gladly accept your referrals for walking you through this difficult time in your business.

Here is a short list of folks we know and trust to work with you to rehabilitate the structural problems that bring you to factoring in the first place. Please let these folks know that Resource Business Partners, Inc. sent you.

Absolute Bookkeeping

Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor

Rachel Housman:
DE Humphrey Associates

Emergency or Part-time CFO / Controller

Don Humphrey:
MKNI Insurance Services

Saving you 20-30% on all your insurance needs

Maura Perkins: