Cash Against Invoices

If you have outstanding invoices that you can't seem to wait 30, 60, or even 90 days to get paid, then we have a solution for you. Here's how it works:

Step One: Prepare and mail your invoice to your customer as usual. Forward a copy to RBP, Inc. for processing

Step Two: RBP, Inc. verifies the invoice will be paid, then immediately pays you 80% of the invoice amount - right to your bank account

Step Three: Your customer pays RBP, Inc. - when that happens, we return the remaining 20% of the invoice money right to your bank, minus our fee.

Cash Against Invoices

In the business world, there are many ways for owners to get loans to keep their business up and running. For folks who happen to rely on invoicing to get paid, getting immediate cash against invoices is one way to increase your cash flow and make sure that things run smoothly through the month. If you have ever owned a small business or helped run a small business, then you know all about the challenges associated with getting people to pay. They can sometimes take weeks or even months to pay their invoices, which is why getting immediate cash against invoices is a popular type of financing right now.

How it works is relatively simple. Simply present your invoices to a factoring company for processing - they'll give you cash against your invoices immediately. Because these are legitimate sales that have already happened, lenders feel relatively confident handing out this type of loan to business owners. It can help you as a business owner, because bills can really pile up over the course of a month when people aren't paying their invoices on time. Cash against invoices has grown in popularity with the economy struggling over the last couple of years, as businesses and their cash flow needs don't typically take the week off.

This cash against invoices process is known in the financial world as "factoring". The practice has been perfected by many small business owners and factoring companies who work together to satisfy their own company needs. For the small business owner, getting cash against invoices right away is something that's very attractive. They no longer have to struggle with clients that have difficulty paying for their goods or services quickly. The factoring company takes all of the difficulty away by providing the money up front, so that businesses can use it to pay bills, expand, or do whatever they need to do at that time.

The factoring company pays out 80% or so of the invoice amount directly to the business owner's bank account. When they collect the invoice balance, the remaining 20% is delivered to the business owner as well, after the factoring company has taken their fee.